Today’s caption and subtitle fonts

This section’s contents (updated 2006.11.29) include:

The basics
All you need to know to get started
What’s wrong with using Web screenfonts for captions and subtitles?
Examples using Verdana for captioning. (Added 2005.03.07)
What’s the difference between regular screenfonts and caption and subtitle fonts?
An easy comparison table for people familiar with “classic” screenfonts. (Added 2005.08.02)
Small update on EyeTV Line 21 captions translated into high definition
Now with Vin Diesel and Ellen DeGeneres! (Added 2005.03.21)
What fonts should we use in the meantime?
While we’re waiting for substantially better fonts, what typefaces should you use instead of Arial, and why? (Added 2005.04.14)
Ancient BBC “subtitling” font revealed
Richard Southall, codesigner of the classic BBC slabserif typeface, writes in with a history and some illustrations. A 15-year mystery solved! (Added 2005.04.26)
What’s wrong with Tiresias?
Debunking the font that nonexperts think is the only one you need for captions and subtitles. (Added 2005.07.11)

Fonts for HDTV

Other people’s fonts: A critique of existing typefaces for HDTV (EIA-708) captioning
Typefoundries already offer font sets for high-definition TV, and there’s a great deal wrong with them. (Added 2005.10.03)
What does the HDTV captioning spec say about typography?
We have a legitimate copy of the CEA-708-C standard and have reviewed its sections on typography
Best practices in online captioning: Typography & appearance
Screenshots and explanations of what captions for online media players look like today
Articles from Print magazine
“Typography and TV Captioning,” Print, January/February 1989
Sequel: “Reading the Tube,” Print, March/April 2002