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Joe Clark in green hat and black-and-blue jacket The founder and author of nearly everything on this site is Toronto journalist, author, and accessibility consultant Joe Clark, whose nearly 25 years of involvement in the field of accessibility for people with disabilities coincide with an equally-long interest in typography. In fact, the two interests came from the same place. Happening across an open-captioned TV show in the mid-1970s led Clark to wonder what captioning was all about – and led him to start writing letters to the captioners of that show asking why the w was taller than the other letters and why the double quotation mark was simply two dots.


Principal designer of the site is Antonio Cavedoni of Modena. Kris Thivessen gave us a lot of help. And, you know, so did Anne van Kesteren, which gives this site the distinction of crossing three decades of Web-design knowledge.

As other contributors are added to the project, we’ll update this page. And of course look for bylines on specific items.


Just send mail to info at this domain name.

Accessibility and standards compliance

This site will probably always meet Web standards (that is, have completely valid code) and will meet nearly all the Priority 1 and 2 Web Content Accessibility Guidelines. We can’t guarantee we will always use “the clearest and simplest language” in every case, which means we can’t promise to meet Checkpoint 14.1. Nonetheless, the site will be as accessible as possible. (It had better be, as Clark wrote a book on Web accessibility, founded a social club for standardista, and has complained previously about the inaccessibility and noncompliance of type and design sites.)