Participating designers

We really meant it when we said we were working on our first fonts. (Actually, in one case, a font with 64n variants, where n is an as-yet-unspecified number probably between 2 and 5.) And we’ve had designers interested in our project since Day 1. Now we can tell you who some of them – only some! – actually are.

We’re updating our list of participating designers. We caution that type design is a slow and trouble-prone process and some leads may end up as dead ends, but we expect that our collaboration with the designers listed below will result in one of the basic goals of this site – new sets of custom-made fonts for captions and subtitles.

Jürgen Weltin

Weltin is working on our first suite of HDTV caption fonts (among other designers twiddling away in their spare time).

We don’t have anything to show you yet in that regard, but it’s happening.

More to come

In the ensuing months, we expect to announce other participating designers.

What about the original two designers we listed here? We fired one guy for doing nothing, and the other guy was never going to in the first place.

Version history

Updated with firings, Jürgen Weltin

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Participating designers